My notes from the #Isagenix Millionaire Training Panel

Here are my notes from the Isagenix Millionaire Training Panel event on October 5th, 2013.

Host: Erik Coover
1: Ellen Bradley Ganus
2: Cindy Hedges
3: Jimmy Smith
4: Lynn Hagedorn
5: Susan Sly
The cost
     probably your 3rd highest expense (behind mortgage and car)
     show you how to turn that expense into an income
I’m not a sales person
     not good at selling, don’t want to sell my friends
     you are always recommending – it’s not about selling
     I use the stuff, I endorse the stuff – but you pay Isagenix
     I’m a sharer, endorser, educator
     magic of Isagenix begins with a positive product experience
          then my friends came to me and I was sharing with them
          we were already buying vitamins, proteins, etc
          you don’t make money off your friends, you make it with your friends
          this is not about sales – it’s about sharing and caring
Is this a pyramid scheme?
          I saw what do you know about pyramids
          with this one you start at the top and build down
               you are the CEO of the structure
               but this is a good pyramid
          need to have relating, caring, not being argumentative
          “uhhh…I felt the same way”
          welcome those objections
          ask where they work
               can you draw out the org structure and I get a smile
               because they see it as a pyramid
               when I worked as PT in the hospital what were the odds of me becoming the CEO?
               You start an Isagenix business, doesn’t matter if Phd or GED, male or female – all start at the same place
     Susan: Educate yourself
          we attract what we fear
          network marketing is a distribution method
          in Cambodia – they make .65 a day mostly children
          we pay everyday folks – not celebrities who fall out of favor
          read books on the industry
          read Michael Klause
          NM is where franchising was in the 50s
     Ask a clarifying question what they think is a pyramid
          if they say people at the bottom do all the work and people at the top make all the money that’s a pyramid but we are not that
          Lynn has made a million dollars in 2 years
               and is on her 3rd re-entry
          I’ve been doing it 7 years and started well after Lynn
     People in the bottom can make more than people above them
Don’t have enough time for a business
     Ellen: do recruit people who are busy
     if you know 2 people who are driven and available, I can help you create an entirely new company
          do things in the pockets of your time
    Susan: When someone says I don’t have the time
          I say how does that make you feel?
          if the last 5 years was a predictor of the next 5 years where will you be if you don’t change?
What are steps 1, 2 and 3 to get started on right track
    Lynn: we tend to give people way to much info and analysis by paralysis
          slow down to move fast
          we don’t give 1st graders what we give high schoolers
          become a good listener – ask more questions than talking
          get to know your associates
               what do they want in the Isagenix business?

               how are you using that?
               if you’re sponsor doesn’t know the starting point, reach up your upline
               see the executive chart in your back office
               who do they know
               if you can get people paid – they will stick with it long enough to be successful
               first couple weeks are most important
               keep it simple, don’t send them every youtube video
          it’s high touch – don’t set up auto responders
          I don’t know about them when I recruit them
          I will say you will get on these products and feel great
                    people will ask you and you give them to me
                    you can get your products paid for
                    what is the biggest bill you have on it
                    where do you see yourself 1 – 2 – 3
                    don’t never tell people about the money
                    show them the money
          Susan shared the 1 – 2 and 3
          so important not to leave the money out
          #1 is to make a list
               I built a list of 236 names and phones in 48 hours
          how do you get leads
               sponsor 5 people and have them get 200 names – that’s 1000
               and you just need to find 2 people
               then check off the 10 you are most excited about
               tell them you are new in the business and your sponsor has been in a while
          don’t overwhelm your new person with the compensation plan
          back office – need to be comfortable with this
               I give them a 10 minute walk through it
               want to make them self-sufficient as soon as possible
               don’t want them co-dependent
How are you using social media
          there is a young demographic on SM
          it is a powerful venue to build community
          have a product group and a business group
          don’t have to say anything about Isagenix
               keep it off your wall
               talk about what it’s doing for you and take it to a private message
          watch what is going on in FB
          love the group pages for community
          my personal page is building a brand
               not buy my stuff and isagenix and buy buy buy people will block you
               people like to buy but they don’t want to be sold to
          put positive, inspirational quotes
          posted about sleeping all night
          or how proud you are of a friend
          don’t sell don’t sell don’t sell
          are you hunting or fishing
               if hunting the hunted runs
               fishing is the bait and they come to you
          prime time 7 – 9 AM and 9PM and later
          use Hootsuite
               want it to go out in prime time and Hootsuite will send it during prime time
          when you make a post – you can click friends or public
               click public so anyone searching on your topic it will come up
          you are a brand on FB
               it’s a photo of you – not your cat
               always change your photo every 60 days
          where did you go to public school, alumni groups
               I was interviewed in forbes magazine
               2 things changed in how we do business
               911 and recession
                    people only wanted to do business they trust
             want to see photos
          you do not have time to play candy crush
               your actions have to be alignment in what you post
               your friends are a reflection of who you are
What is the number one mistake most make in this profession
     Jimmy: wasting time with negative time who will never get this
     Cindy: people give up to soon – don’t quit – don’t have to do full time
          do in the pockets of your free time
     Ellen: don’t do things for people – teach them – create leaders
     Jimmy: I want it for people many times more than they want
          can be disappointing when you want the best for them and they don’t listen
          can’t help someone if they don’t want it
          sift, sort and qualify
          don’t convert people to do this
          they are looking for us
          this is not for everyone who needs it, it’s for those that need it
          how bad do you want to be healthy, how bad do you want to be wealthy, how bad do you want to help people
     Lynn: if you don’t have a list, you’re out of business
          always be adding names to it
          gives you better posture, some will, some won’t
          want those with a burning desire for better health and wealth
          I’m working with who is working, don’t have time for the whiners
    Jimmy: you can build your business or make excuses, but not both
     Susan: come from a place of humility
          pride, impatience and greed are the 3 things that will kill you in this business
          3 J’s
               Jealous, judgment and justification
               these are all poisons for your soul
               find out those who are succeeding and how they are doing it
               be curious not jealous
               we can judge others saying it’s easier for them because they are a nuitritionist
               justification is a means for procrastination
                    don’t make up excuses and justify your way not to do things

One response to “My notes from the #Isagenix Millionaire Training Panel

  1. I’ve just started isagenix after meeting one of its millionaires (randomly). I can’t believe how willing she is to give her time to newbies. If anyone wants to connect with her just email me I don’t think it matters where you live…even just a phone call with her is uber informative. Kat

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