The holidays are fast approaching so what will that mean for your waistline?

You’ve made it past Thanksgiving but now the Christmas and New Years holidays are right around the corner. This time of year comes with many parties where there is never a shortage of food and drink. For many, it can be hectic as an internal fight ensues between your mouth that wants to taste all the goodies and your mind that doesn’t want to forget about your commitment to health and fitness. Which way do you go?


No more excuses to fitness with this 7 minute scientifically-proven workout

Whenever I talk to people who reluctantly admit they don’t exercise, the number one excuse I hear is they don’t have time.  Very understandable in today’s hectic world we all live in where our days are consumed with work, family, friends and the couch.  Going to the gym, doing some cardio, then weights, showering and a drive home can easily eat up a couple hours of your day.  Who has time for that 3 – 4 times a week?  Well for those that really are restricted by time, there is a new option for you.  The American College of Sports Medicine recently published a paper that describes a seven minute exercise program that is scientifically proven to provide many of the fitness benefits you get from a prolonged endurance training session.   You also be happy to know that all you need is your body, a chair and a flat wall.  This makes this routine especially beneficial for those who travel or do not have the financial means for that home exercise room or to join a gym. Continue reading