The holidays are fast approaching so what will that mean for your waistline?

You’ve made it past Thanksgiving but now the Christmas and New Years holidays are right around the corner. This time of year comes with many parties where there is never a shortage of food and drink. For many, it can be hectic as an internal fight ensues between your mouth that wants to taste all the goodies and your mind that doesn’t want to forget about your commitment to health and fitness. Which way do you go?


Are you tired of the “diet” stigma?

10-12-2013 5-03-45 PMThere you are, out to dinner with friends, they all order just about everything from the menu.  Your level of anxiety is rising as the waiter makes his way around to you.  Finally, it’s your turn – “I’ll have the garden salad with grilled chicken.  Do you have fat free salad dressing?  Water to drink please”.  Whew, you got it out – now the countdown starts – how soon until one of your buddies who just ordered the 16oz cheeseburger, covered in cheese, onions and mushrooms, with fries and a beer asks “You on a diet?”.  And there it is, the “diet” word.  The word where the first three letters spell “die”, something you might just want to do while sitting in that restaurant.  Continue reading

Can you really sleep off the weight?

You’ve most likely heard someone provide sage advice to “sleep it off” whether it’s a fever or after a night of over indulgence.  But can you really sleep off weight?  There is science behind the bedtime belly buster (BBB).  Read more from our friends at the Isagenix Health site.